It is a high performance gasket that clears the standards of air pollution prevention guideline “TA – Luft” in environmentally advanced country Germany. 
With multilayer reinforcement structure, it can be used not only in areas where semi-metal or metal gaskets are used, but also for a wide range of uses such as alternative use of spiral gasket when urgent is required and union gasket for steam.


Heatproof temperature -240 to 420 ° C (Can be used up to 650 ° C for steam line)
Pressure limit 25.9 MPa
Thickness 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm / 3.0 mm / 4.0 mm
Maximum processing dimension of one piece φ 1490 mm
Applied fluid Water, steam, oil, hot air, exhaust gas, strong alkali
Gasket coefficient m value 2.2
Minimum tightening pressure 20.7 MPa
Allowable surface pressure 200 MPa
Notes * It can not be used for oxidizing acid type, oxidizing salt type, halogen compound type, combustion assisting gas type etc. Please contact us for details. 
* The heatproof temperature under oxidizing atmosphere is 420 ° C. Please contact us for details. 
* As for the pressure limit, there is a balance with the seal effective width. Please contact us for details.
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Additional information


General Industrial Flange Gasket
Heat Exchanger
Valve Bonnet
Union Gasket for Steam Replacement
of Semi-Metal Gasket in Emergency Response


Excellent in heat resistance Excellent in
chemical resistance Excellent in
pressure resistance Low
stress relaxation (reduction in surface pressure)
Excellent in sealing properties Excellent in
handling properties Excellent
emergency response


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