2711/2715 Can profile gasket

The Can profile gasket is a gasket using a seal layer on the surface layer of a gasket core processed into a special tooth shape. 
Excellent sealing performance can be demonstrated even under low fastening surface pressure. 
In addition to the standard core, we also design a gasket using a higher performance next generation core.

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Heatproof temperature -200 to + 750 ° C 
* Depends on the layer material
Pressure limit 43.1 MPa
Gasket Core Standard Thickness 3.0 mm
Gasket core material SUS 316 L, Duplex, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
Applied fluid Since it depends on various layer materials, please inquire.
Gasket coefficient m value 2.2 ~ 2.75 
* Depending on the layer material, please inquire.
Minimum tightening pressure 15.9 ~ 70.0 MPa 
* Please contact us as it varies depending on the layer material.
Allowable surface pressure 500 MPa
Maximum manufacturable dimensions φ4000 mm 
* In addition to the round shape, it can also correspond to the frame shape. 
 For details, please contact us.
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Additional information


Generally pipe flange
heat exchanger
valve bonnet
air fin coolers for gaskets


Excellent gas sealing property Excellent
pressure resistance Excellent
insulation problem in high temperature environment
Can be used even in fluids easily subject to polymerization reaction Can
be used in places with troubles due to vibrations etc. For
flange surface with distortion or distorted flange condition
There is no breakage at the time of construction like an optimum spiral gasket
Gasket coefficient similar to that of a seat gasket Available
Gasket width can be designed to be small The
excellent sealing property is demonstrated even under low tightening surface pressure Even
special shapes are possible


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