4000 e.CLEAR [gasket adhesion prevention spray]

e.CLEAR is an anti-seizing spray based on inorganic minerals. By significantly suppressing sticking to the other side, flange cleaning time can be greatly shortened, which leads to reduction of maintenance cost.

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Heatproof temperature 800 ℃
* However, it depends on the heatproof temperature of the gasket body.
Internal capacity 420 ml 6 bottles / box
* Reference spray amount ≈ 10 m²

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Various gaskets


Suppress gasket seizure (sticking) to the flange!
It corresponds to most gasket materials!
Maintenance cost can be reduced by shortening cleaning time!
Can be used with gasket paste (seal aid)!

* 1 It is not possible to peel off the gasket that has seized. Please apply beforehand.
* 2 Sealability of gasket depends on main unit performance. There is no change in sealability by spray.


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