The 5500 product is a gland packing which is carbonized fiber treated with PTFE dispersion and special lubricant and then braided into a cross-sectionally square shape. 
In addition, since packing is flexible specification finished specifications, shaft wear is less and can be used with confidence.


Heatproof temperature 200 ℃
Pressure resistance 1.0 MPa
Peripheral velocity 20 m / s
PV value 9.8 MPa · m / s
pH value 2-10
Applied fluid Sea water, sewage, heated water, boiler feed water, animal and vegetable oil, refrigerant etc.
Standard dimensions 3.0 mm □ ~ 25.0 ㎜ □
Standard length 3 mL / Case
Notes Please contact us for details.

Additional information


stun tube
Various rotating equipment


Easy to
use under high circumferential speed conditions with less shaft wear
Excellent in chemical resistance Excellent in
sealability Excellent in
elasticity Excellent
handling performance Excellent in


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