6331/6332/6333 MacFlon-Pro

The MacFlon-Pro series is a gasket made into a sheet by a special manufacturing method by blending a PTFE resin excellent in chemical resistance and a filler. 
Cold flow like general PTFE gaskets can be suppressed.

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Heatproof temperature -200 to 260 ° C 
* If you are planning to use the product under an environment exceeding 200 ° C, please contact our company.
Pressure limit 5.0 MPa
Thickness 1.5 to 3.0 mm
Maximum processing dimension of one piece φ 1490 mm
Applied fluid Strong alkaline type ~ strong acid type fluid 
* For more information please contact our company charge.
Gasket coefficient m value 2.5 to 2.75
Minimum tightening pressure 26 MPa
Notes When considering use under conditions exceeding 200 ° C, please contact us. 
Since it does not conform to the standards of food sanitation law food and additives, it can not be used for fluids that dislike pollution of water, medicine, food and so on. 
If you are considering using monomeric or gas-based fluids, please contact us.

Additional information


Glass lining flange
General flange
Various equipment


Excellent sealing property
excellent heat resistance
superior pressure resistance
significantly suppress cold flow

resistant to 6331 white filler barium strong alkali
at high sealability 6332 blue filler with spherical glass based low-tightening
in 6333 pink filler silica strong acid strong


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