The 6520 product is a gland packing made by braiding expanded PTFE fiber containing graphite and special lubricant in cross section.
Due to the properties of yarn, it is excellent in chemical resistance and thermal conductivity.
In addition, due to the specification that the gland packing is finished flexibly, it is excellent in familiarity to the shaft, handling property, and can be used with confidence in the long term.

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Heatproof temperature 260 ℃
Pressure resistance 1.6 MPa (pump)
5.0 MPa (valve)
Peripheral velocity 20 m / s
PV value 12.3 MPa · m / s
pH value 0-14
Applied fluid Clear sea water, heated water, boiler feed water, solvent, weak acid, weak alkali, strong alkali type, pulp liquid, polymer, refrigerant etc.
Standard dimensions 6.5 mm □ ~ 25.0 ㎜ □
Standard length 3 mL / Case
Notes Because it does not conform to standards such as Food Sanitation Law foods and additives, it can not be specified for fluids that do not like pollution of water, medicine, foods etc.
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various rotating equipment


can be used under high circumferential speed condition with less shaft wearing
Excellent in chemical resistance Excellent
sealing property Excellent handleability Excellent
in conformity to
shaft Good
thermal conductivity


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