8020AS Mac Foil Gasket Tape

The Mac Foil gasket tape greatly improves sealing performance when the flange surface is rough or by attaching it to the surface of the metal gasket. It can also be used for first aid measures at the site.


Heatproof temperature -240 to 420 ° C (Can be used up to 650 ° C for steam)
Applied fluid Water, oil, steam, heat transfer oil etc.
Product dimensions 0.38 mm
T * 12.7 mm W 0.38 mm T * 25.4 mm W
Each winding is 15 m.
Notes ※ The section shape is jagged. (For flat ones please contact our company.)
* Adhesive tape is attached on one side.
※ For details on mounting method, please contact our company in charge.

Additional information


Emergency response at the site
Attachment of metal gasket


High sealability
Almost no reduction in surface pressure
Excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance No
need for paste Poor
deterioration in long-term storage


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