8100F G2F

The G2-F series is a completely new type of gasket sheet with a structure in which ePTFE is laminated on the surface of expanded black smoke.
Because it is excellent in the micro sealability (conformability) of the flange part which is a feature of the ePTFE film, it can be used in a wide range of applications such as equipment applications where it is difficult to secure sufficient tightening surface pressure.


Heatproof temperature -200 to + 260 ° C
Pressure limit 3.0 MPa
Thickness 0.5 mm / 1.0 mm / 1.5 mm / 3.0 mm
Maximum processing dimension of one piece φ990 mm
Applied fluid Water, oil, steam, thermal oil, solvent, gas, LNG, etc.
Gasket coefficient m value 2.0
Minimum tightening pressure 29.4 MPa (liquid) / 39.2 MPa (gas)
Allowable surface pressure 100 MPa
* Depends on the temperature condition.
Notes * It can not be used for oxidizing acid type, oxidizing salt type, halogen compound type, combustion supporting gas type etc. Please contact us for details.

Additional information


Compact general-purpose engine for compressor
Pump casing for
water level gauge
Other equipment gasket


Excellent sealability Excellent
conformability Excellent in
chemical resistance
Stress relaxation (surface pressure reduction) is small


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