It is main seal gasket for valve which molded Macfoil (expanded graphite) into Baumkuchen like mold. 
Main seal packing (8405) containing metal mesh can also be used according to the application so that packing can be easily pulled out during valve maintenance. 
* Use in combination with 8530.

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Heatproof temperature -200 to 600 ℃ * Oxidizing atmosphere 420 ℃
Pressure resistance 43.1 MPa (pressure class: 4500 LB)
Applied fluid Water, oil, steam, thermal oil, solvent, gas, LNG, etc.
Product shape Ring molding
Notes It can not be used for fluids such as oxidizing acid type, oxidizing salt type, halogen compound type and combustion supporting gas. 
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Additional information


Main seal packing for valve


High sealing property
Excellent in heat resistance Excellent
chemical resistance


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