The 8591 product is a gland packing made by braiding MacFoil (expanded graphite) yarn reinforced with high-strength carbon fiber into a cross-sectionally square shape. 
Because it uses yarn made of high strength carbon fiber, shaft abrasion is small, and in addition to pressure resistance, heat resistance, sealing performance, excellent performance is demonstrated even under high circumferential speed conditions.

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Heatproof temperature -200 to 400 ° C (steam: 550 ° C)
Pressure resistance 2.5 MPa (pump) 
30 MPa (valve)
Peripheral velocity 25 m / s
pH value 0-14
Applied fluid Clear seawater, sewage, heated water, boiler feed water, thermal oil, solvent, corrosive fluid, hot air, exhaust gas etc.
Standard dimensions 4 mm □ ~ 25.0 mm □
Standard length 3 mL / Case
Notes It can not be used for fluids such as oxidizing acid type, oxidizing salt type, halogen compound type and combustion supporting gas. 
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Various rotary equipment


Excellent in heat resistance Excellent in
chemical resistance Excellent in
pressure resistance
Shaft wear is less
Excellent in sealing properties Excellent in
high peripheral speed


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