8851ND CleaLock

The CleaLock 8851ND gasket is a next generation high performance universal gasket that overcomes the problems at the time of construction, such as not being able to obtain the soft and tightening feeling of the expanded graphite gasket. 
It becomes possible to obtain the feeling of tightening the general gasket, and we can solve a single problem by one tightening. 
In addition, heat resistance and chemical resistance performance are remarkably different from conventional expanded graphite series, and outstanding sealing performance can be obtained even under thermal cycling conditions with a remarkable restoration rate.


Heatproof temperature -240 to 420 ° C (Can be used up to 650 ° C for steam line)
Pressure limit 5.0 MPa
Thickness 1.5 mm / 2.0 mm / 3.0 mm / 4.0 mm
Maximum processing dimension of one piece φ1480 mm
Applied fluid Water, steam, oil, hot air, exhaust gas, strong alkali
Gasket coefficient m value 2.0
Minimum tightening pressure 20.7 MPa
Allowable surface pressure 120 MPa 
* Depends on the temperature condition.
Notes * It can not be used for oxidizing acid type, oxidizing salt type, halogen compound type, combustion supporting gas type etc. Please contact us for details.
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Additional information


General industrial flange gasket
Heat exchanger
digester kettle
water level gauge


High Sealability
Low Surface Pressure Reduction
Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance No
It does not easily deteriorate even in long-term storage

density by
Lock (lock) achieve a tightening there is a feeling of
tremendous recovery ratio
seal improving
handling property improvement

by Cleamatex (clear Matex) coat
significantly inhibit the adhesion to the flange


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