Grommet processing

MacGuard (grommet) is the name of the option which applied SUS 316L caulking to the inner diameter and outer diameter of the gasket.
Adding MacGuard as an option of gasket makes it possible to greatly improve sealability, contamination countermeasure, pressure resistance, heat resistance, etc.


Inner diameter grommet symbol E1
Inner and outer diameter grommet symbol E2
Outer diameter grommet symbol E3
Corresponding thickness 1.5 to 4.0 mm
Corresponding gasket Graphite type and PTFE type etc.
Corresponding dimension φ 100 to φ 4000 mm
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Additional information


Heat exchanger
generally pipe
other large diameter gasket


Shut out permeation leakage
Improve heat resistance Improve heat resistance
Block occurrence of contamination
Cold flow of fluorine gasket is significantly suppressed
Cutting of gasket is prevented Prevent
gasket handling considerably


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