High performance penetrating oil KROIL (Croil)

Spray type: 10 ounces × 12 bottles (without selling roses) 
Liquid type: 8 oz × 24 cans (without selling roses) 
Liquid type: 1 gallon can, 5 gallon can

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Ingredient information Hydrogenated refined oils, light oil, aliphatic alcohol, glycol ether, internal confidential ingredients of KANO
Delivery date For domestic stock we will deliver in about 5 days after ordering. 
※ Note: Depending on availability, it may take about 50 days for imported goods.
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Industrial Osmotic Oil / Lubricant

When conducting a disassembly inspection (periodic turbine breakdown inspection)

It penetrates in approximately 30 minutes when conducting periodic inspections of power generation equipment etc. and routine maintenance inspections .
If you have time allowance, apply it the day before, it will be easier to remove on the next day.


Color: liquid with a slightly reddish color
Flash point: 51 ° C
Boiling point: 125 ° C


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