MacThermo HT series (special heat resistant glass)

1510HT MacThermo HT series is a heat-resistant textile product made with packing made with special heat-resistant glass fiber yarn. It is optimal as a substitute when there is a problem such as brittleness in bio-soluble fiber products, because it is a fiber that also has mechanical strength in addition to heat resistance.

Color tone Light green
Heatproof temperature 800 ° C (short time)
700 ° C (continuous)
Standard dimensions 1010HT Cross thickness: 2.0,
3.0 mm T 1011 HT Ribbon thickness: 2.0 mm T, width: 25 to 100
mm W 1510 HT braided packing Square type 6.5 mm □ ~ 25.0 mm □
1510 HTT Braided packing round shape φ 9.5 mm to 25.0 mm
* Dimensions and length It is also possible to deal with.
For details please contact our person in charge.
Standard length Each 30 mL / case
performance test Heat shrinkage rate (700 ° C./8 Hrs): 0.1%
Heat loss rate (700 ° C./8 Hrs): 0.1%
Notes Since there is smoke at the start of temperature rise, please use after skipping sufficiently by sky firing etc.
Please contact us for details.
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Additional information


· Various duct · manhole gasket
· blank furnace CDQ periphery
· incinerator peripheral equipment
· periphery of exhaust heat recovery boiler
· nonmetal expansion · hopper base material
· various heat insulating base materials


Excellent in heat resistance, heat retention and heat insulation Excellent in
mechanical strength
Exhaust gas and hot air can be used


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