Mechanical seal repair / regeneration

Maintenance of the mechanical seal is generally repaired. Repair contents are polishing lapping of sliding surface, replacement of O ring, washing etc. Depending on the condition of use of the mechanical seal, you can usually use it after repairing and playing 2 to 3 degrees. After maintenance, it will be in the same state as a new mechanical seal.

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Standard repair period About 2 weeks
Standard repair cost Approximately 30 to 40% of new purchase
Standard repair contents · Polishing wrapping of sliding surface 
· Replacement of O ring 
· Replacement of V ring 
· Replacement of spring 
· Cleaning, inspection, reassembling etc of all components
On your quotation · If there is a drawing, we will quote based on the drawing. 
· If there is no drawing, we will quote the actual thing and estimate it. 
 * Depending on the state of the mechanical seal you keep, the contents of the standard repair may differ from the actual repair contents. Also, depending on the condition, repair / playback may not be available.

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Complete repair with short delivery, low cost
possible Mechanical seal for imported goods can also be
handled Shipment standard similar to new mechanical seal


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