Packing drawing tool

The packing drawing tool is a
versatile tool that can easily pull out the packing when replacing the gland packing .
We offer
three types of flexible shafts that can be chosen according to the situation of the worksite, six types of cork screws that can be selected according to the dimensions of the gland packing, and three kinds of packing hooks
※ Packing pull-out tool: We accept orders for large, medium and small single items.

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Sales content ■ Packing drawing tool (Flexible shaft + cork screw)
Size: large, medium, small■ Box set
Flexible shaft (medium / small 2PC each)
Cork screw (medium / small 1PC each)
Packing hook (large, medium, small 1PC each)
Spanner 1PC
Flexible shaft dimensions Large: 300 mm L (360 mm L)
Medium: 240 mm L (250 mm L)
Small: 130 mm L (170 mm L)
* () is the total length
Cork screw dimension Large: φ12 mm middle: φ 8 mm small: φ 5 mm

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Replacement of gland packing


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